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English Premier League / Leicester City vs Manchester City

10/28/22, 9:16 AM

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Leicester City will host Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday at King Power Stadium.

Leicester City

Leicester matches have recently proven to be exciting affairs, with plenty of scoring being a common feature. Over their last six meetings, both teams have scored 21 goals (at an average of 3.5 goals per game), with 13 of those coming from Leicester. I'll just have to wait and see if that trend continues in this game.

Manchester City

Manchester City's defense has been outstanding recently, with their 'goals against' total falling to two from their last six games. During the same time period, they have scored 12 goals for themselves.


Leicester has won two games in a row, but they face the colossus Manchester City. The 1x2 first odds are 8.50-6.00-1.29 in favor of the away team. This game should be won by Manchester City.

Away win

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